Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our First Day of Business Visits

Today has been busy. It was our first day of business visits. Starting out, we knew this would be an adventure since we would be taking a tram, the subway, and maybe a trolly/bus. Unfortunately, we started the day with bad directions. But all ended well - just later than desired. Thankfully, our first visit was with a great company called Edusys (www.edusys.hu) who greeted us as if we were old friends. Edusys is a small company whose focus is on the spread of internet technology and the creation/development of distance learning education systems. Next we travelled to Cashline Inc. (www.clt.hu/en/), a trading company that works on both the Hungarian market as well as the US Stock Exachange. Students were given a short presentation about the markets, the recession, and then given a tour of the trading room inside Cashline.

The day ended with some disappointment. We have been walking past parliament many times over the past day or two. We were scheduled to have a special tour of the building and meet with MP Horvath (an economist who serves in parliament). Unfortunately, a dignitary from another country also visited parliament today and there was some miscommunication with our contact there so the visit didn't happen. We are holding out hope that Mr. Horvath can see us tomorrow, but he's a very busy man. Cross your fingers!

Some of us are heading to a large market in the area, while others are heading to a local museum called the House of Terror (http://www.terrorhaza.hu/).

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