Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last Day in Budapest

Today has been very busy. We received exciting news! But more on that later. We got an early start and headed to our first meeting, which was with the Ministry for National Development of Economy ( Our hosts discussed various aspects of the Hungarian economy, membership in the European Union, and small business support. Most of the visits haven't received as much excitement as this meeting has. In this picture, one of our students is smiling because he just loves the microphone system in front of him, which he later used to ask questions of our hosts.

Our next visit was with ITD ( an investment and trade development company. Here, we heard about the great recession in Europe from a comparison of Hungary and Poland economics. The students asked great questions and learned a lot.

We actually had time for a quick lunch and then it was off to our third visit of the day, Freesoft ( which is a technology company that sells Oracle licensing products as well as developing data modernization products for large corporations. A very informative visit but the excitement was building. It was time to head to our fourth and final visit......Parliament! Yes folks, Professor Jaffee and the team at IU's CIBER office were able to reschedule our visit with Mr. Horvath and give us a private tour of Parliament. It doesn't get much better than this!!!!!

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