Thursday, January 14, 2010

Classes Have Officially Started

Week one is now behind us and you can almost feel the excitement. The students chatter before class and there's an electricity in the air. Even the faculty members are smiling. All these eager faces have to be inspiring.

My name is Heather and I'll be your guide for the Hungary/Croatia portion of BUS-G 256 "Emerging Economies". The student will be studying many business aspects of emerging economies all over the world. They will then visit one of 4 countries during spring break this year. (Check out the links below for blogs by the other 2010trip facilitators or get a preview of what is to come by reading last year's blogs.)

This course promises to be full of sites, sounds, and adventure. Most importantly, at the end of the semester students will have a broader understanding: of global economies, why culture plays an important role in business, and possibly refine their thoughts on a career and life in business.