Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Last Culture Class!

So tonight was our last night in the cultural section of class. The students took their "final" and the remainder of the class was dedicated to last minute items such as the itinerary, what to pack, how much money to bring, and some of the daily educational activities.

Here, we were discussing the expected 4" of snow in Budapest for tomorrow (and what to expect).

girls listening to last minute details

Here, TJ is looking through the journals that were given to all the students. They will use these to jot down notes about business visits and use them to reflect on the day's activities. These books will help them remember key elements of the trip to use in their presentations once we return to Bloomington.

reviewing the journal
Everyone was extremely excited to finally be just days away from our adventure. We leave in just 3 days. Budapest! Here we come!

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